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Because they’re fun. And they motivate me to train strength, mobility, and control. And I am an aspiring acrobat.

Sometimes people ask me how to do a handstand. These are my suggestions:

  1. Work with a trainer. They provide accountability and targeted feedback that help you progress faster, training in the most sustainable and safe methods (my trainer)

  2. Do everything in this tutorial.

  3. Be consistent. Consistency is the key to progression. Just do handstands all the time.




GMB Fitness

I learned to stick a handstand using the GMB method.



The two drills that helped me the most were high frogger and the split leg kick-up.



Animal locomotion helps you develop the strength, stability, and coordination for handstands


Couch to Handstand in 30 days

Here is another series of videos on how to learn to handstand.