Handstands elevate my spirit, and I'm thrilled for the opportunity to help you experience this joy for yourself.

Why handstands?

They cultivate smiles. You can do them anywhere. They'll make you a better person.

Can I learn how to do a handstand?
Of course! I will help you develop the mobility, strength, and body coordination to nail this trick. I teach beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

A better person?

Learning this skill requires discipline, and consistent, intentional practice. It teaches patience, and to trust the process. The intangible results of handstand training will permeate into other areas of your life. I promise.

Ok, I'm sold. How can we connect?

Send me an email! We can set up a free assessment to discuss your goals and establish a training program.




GMB Fitness

I teach using the GMB method.



The two drills that helped me the most were high frogger and the split leg kick-up.



Animal locomotion helps you develop the strength, stability, and coordination for handstands