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Getting started? Just show up.

When starting out, avoid getting caught up in the details of implementation, and instead invest your energy in preparing to show up.


Imagine you are getting ready to do the thing. Ask yourself:


1. What equipment do I need?

2. What am I going to wear?

3. Do I need to fuel myself?


What can you prepare in advance to minimize obstacles to follow through?


For me, showing up means going to the makerspace to work on my ColorClock. I prepare by packing my bag with my computer, and my tool box with my electronics. I plan to change out from my work clothes, and to make sure I pack dinner for me and treats for Trevor (doggo).


So, what we are looking at here is a digital display showing the current minute and second that is tracked by my clock module 🤓

Circuit Diagram

I've wired up the clock module along with the debugging display. Here's where I'm at.

Software Repository

All code is hosted on my GitHub account.


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